About SAY OutLoud!

SAY OutLoudQuestioning your sexuality is often extremely confusing and can leave you feeling very alone. As if being a teenager wasn't hard enough, you find yourself asking, "Is this normal? Am I the only one? What do I tell my parents? What are my friends going to think? Why me? Who can I talk to about this?"

So, who are we?

Many questions come up and that is why SAY OutLoud! is here.

SAY OutLoud is a group for open minded youth. It offers a safe place for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and questioning youth to connect, seek support, develop new friendships, express themselves, learn about the LGBTQ community and most importantly, have fun.

What do we do?

SAY OutLoud hosts weekly support meetings to discuss life's challenges and benefits.
Through these meetings, lasting friendships have been formed and barriers have been broken down. Some of the activities include, check-in, movies, games, events, group discussions and lots of laughter. We also offer youth a resource to find out about other support services and community events.

Dating, relationships, coming out, education, spirituality, homophobia, the future, family, drugs, alcohol, mental health, bullying and AIDS are some of the many issues we continue to discuss.