SayOutLoud - Be Free and Have Fun!

If you want to express yourself and be true to who you are, then you have chosen the right place! Welcome to the site of free people who live and develop under their inner voice and way. Become a part of our community where alternative youth can express themselves without hesitation and prejudice!

SayOutLoud - About Us

Our website invites all those young people who want to find like-minded persons to communicate warmly, freely, and without embarrassment. We invite young people who are considered an alternative culture in our society. But for us, all people are equal and that's why we invite gay couples, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender individuals, and so on to our community. Here you will feel that you are not alone and that the world accepts you as you are.

Why Do You Need Us?

When a person grows up, he can often doubt his thoughts, feelings, preferences. And sexuality in this sense is of paramount importance. For example, you may feel that you like things that your parents or older friends disapprove of. It can make you feel very lonely. The life of a teenager is not an easy path. He needs support from those people who understand and accept him as he is.

Our website will allow you to talk about LGBTQ preferences out loud! You have every right to be who you want to be. To love the one your heart is drawn to and not what is imposed on you by society. Our team consists of open-minded youth. Here any gay, lesbian or bisexual will find support and friends. We'll let you make a big statement about yourself. You will express yourself here without constraint and restrictions.

What We Offer

When we created our website, we wanted to make a cozy place where any of our guests and members of our community can find support, tell about themselves, make friendships, and so on. We wanted to create an environment of absolute trust and peace. On our website, you will meet only kind and open-minded people who are free from prejudice and anger.

If you want to find the perfect place to support, establish new friendships, and much more, we invite you to our website The age of the participants varies from 14 to 25 years. Most of them are students from Quinte place. So come to us on Tuesday evening and see what you think.

We are guided by the principles of respect in all aspects. What this means in practice is that we are against hate, aggressive behavior, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. We strive to make SayOutLoud a safe haven where you can find yourself anew and explore the unknown facets of your self, so you can be sure that everything you do and say at the group says there.

Our Pastime

Our members spend their time having fun and usefully. So, holds weekly support gatherings to talk about the benefits and mishaps in life. With us, you will surely establish strong friendships and eliminate communication barriers. Among our activities are check-in, movie and game sessions, group gatherings, and more.

We meet on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM throughout the year. We also provide limited transportation to and from meetings and dinners for group gatherings after check-in.

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Our contacts

If you wish to become a part of the SayOutLoud community, contact us. We are looking forward to your reply.

  • Program Facilitator: Eric Hargreaves
  • Telephone: (613) 985-9650
  • Email